Number One Piece of Parenting Advice

Number One Piece of Parenting Advice

I’m only 8 months in over here but I’ve already got my number one piece of parenting advice for the rest of my career as “mom”. Want to hear it? 

Stop listening to parenting advice. 

Okay, okay. That’s probably a bit extreme. Let me try this instead: Above all else, trust yourself. If you need support, find your tribe of like-minded mommas (or daddies) and listen to what they have to say. Then use it IF you feel it’ll work for you. 

Here’s my point, moms and dads… Every child is different. Every parent is different. Every family is different. Sharing advice, personal stories, and opinions is great. You know what’s not great? Getting down on yourself because someone else’s “golden secret” doesn’t work for you or makes you uncomfortable. Trust yourself and those mama bear instincts. Try different things. Be prepared to accept defeat and move on. Don’t ever be sorry for doing what’s best for your child. 

Let me take a moment to share an example. I’m going to share my current sleep secret. Are you ready? Its a good one. My 8 month old infant sleeps on a stack of blankets on the floor. 😂 Let me explain myself here before I’m reported to CPS…

The past month my little man has had a heck of a time staying asleep at night. I read article after article full of sleep tips and ‘ultimate sleep secrets’. I’ve gone from feeling like I don’t show him enough love to feeling like I’m coddling him too much. This is where finding your tribe and knowing your parenting style comes into play. I, personally, should have never read any article about crying it out. I’m not against it for others but my soul can’t take it and I really think my stubborn child would go blue before settling down. It won’t work for us and THAT’S OKAY. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m also not willing to have him constantly sleep in my room until he’s much older and THAT’S OKAY, TOO. Know who you are and who your child is and look for advice that fits the two of you. Don’t let yourself obsess and feel bad over advice that isn’t your style. 

After so much searching, it hit me that none of it was working and ‘What am I doing?’ because I know my child better than any random online article. So I watched him that night on the monitor. When I stepped back and paid attention to my child instead of desperately searching for an answer from strangers, I found the answer. It turns out being a crazy bed hog must be genetic. Just as I roll around and flail like crazy in my sleep, so does my son. He was trying to roll and spin and go crazy in his sleep and kept slamming into the sides of his bed and waking himself. That’s why he now has a blanket bed. Plenty of space, no fall risk, and no slamming into sides. It’s what works for us. If I would’ve trusted my own instincts instead of running to the internet to compare myself to all the “my baby sleeps perfectly” moms, I could’ve saved myself a lot of stress and negativity, along with a few extra of those sleepless nights. 

So. Call me crazy, ladies and gents, but that’s my advice. Stop looking for advice and start trusting yourself. Nobody knows your child better than you. You’ve got this mama bear (and papa bear, too)!

January Jamberry New Product!

January Jamberry New Product!

Happy new year and happy new month! 
One of my absolute favorite parts of a new month is getting my ‘JamGram’ email with new products and big Jamberry updates. (Seriously, I wake up to feed my baby and can be found scrolling my email at 2 am when I should be going back to bed. I may have a problem.) So here’s my monthly round up of new products and news with my thoughts on it all! 


This month we have a blue-ish gray lacquer called “Northward”. If you had told me our Colour Pop was going to be gray this month I would have done the ultimate facepalm. Gray? GRAY?! But guess what? I. LOVE. IT. I love the light pastel hue and the way this shade is going to be absolutely gorgeous paired with pale pink. Can we say Valentine’s Day?!

The Colour Pop wrap for the month is a classy dusty rose and clear named “Ever Quest.” Jamberry tells me it is inspired by henna and features lace-like florals and geometrics. This is another winner in my book and would be perfect layered over “Northward” lacquer or even applied on its own. Ten points to this month’s Colour Pop selection. Coincidentally, last month’s Baltic Blue gel is also still available and is an incredible azure blue.


Here comes the Stylebox selection! (If you aren’t aware, Stylebox is a monthly subscription box offered by Jamberry. You choose 2 wraps from an exclusive selection of 6 for only $25 and can add other product, as well, to your ‘ships for free’ package!) This month’s theme is ‘Power Pink.’ It’s lovely and perfect for Valentine’s day. My top 2 are ‘Lady in Plaid’ and ‘Real Queen.’ I’m always up for a good plaid and the pink stripes with silver speak to me. 😉 I must admit, however, that none of these made me say I NEED THIS and I may skip this month in order to spend on products above. The company has been really hitting it out of the park lately so I’m grateful for seeing something new that doesn’t make me want to immediately throw my wallet at it. 😂😧


Happy Valentine’s Day! These limited time love-themed wraps are adorable. ‘Hearts A Glow’ returns from last year and the rest are new designs. I’m a HUGE fan of all of these designs and really can’t pick a favorite. I love the variety of shades and finishes that offer a little bit of something for everyone. Let me also mention that the throwback ‘Hearts A Glow’ is a glow in the dark wrap… use them as you see fit. 😉😂


Ooooooh yes! Our awesome matte lip lacquers that came out in a (kind of expensive) bundle for the holidays are now available separately for only $25 each! It seems that for now they’ve decided to release the more mild ‘Charming’ and ‘Coy’ along with a brand new vibrant pink called ‘Flirt Alert’. I tested out the neutral colors back when they were first released in a bundle and really like the product. They are soft and smooth with no funky smells or harsh chemical taste or feel while maintaining the matte look. Ladies immediately started begging for seperates. We asked and Jamberry listened. Thank you, home office.


Jamberry has officially announced that the $25 ‘Pick Your Passion’ digital starter kit is a permanent option after 2 months of testing! I’m super excited for this, as it gives ladies the option to join at a low cost and decide exactly where they want to focus their energy! 

And so completes the beginning-of-the -month round up! You can check out all these products and opportunities in greater detail at and contact me any time with questions!

I’m excited for January and all the new things it brings us and looking forward to even MORE exciting news and announcements from our home office. Keep an eye out for updates, ladies. They’re gonna be good!

 Who Am I?

 Who Am I?

Wife to Little Matt. Mother to Mini Matt.

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