The Beginning

The Beginning

Anyone who is close to me or follows my Facebook page knows that I’ve started a new journey to better health recently. I’ve been lazy for too long and making too many bad choices for the sake of convenience. My 1 year post-baby pass is over and it’s time to get it together. That same baby is now watching me and learning from my habits and there’s nothing I want more than to be a good example in all that I do. Plus, I need to be in good health to run and play with him and ensure I’m here for him for the long haul.

I know I can do this. I’ve done it before. During my struggle to get pregnant, I found out I have PCOS, which in the health and diet short-terms means my hormones are insane and carbs and sugar are enemy #1. Pre-baby this news sent me into mission mode. I read endless articles online, bought books, saved recipes, and generally overhauled my way of eating. As a result, I lost 20 pounds kind of like magic. If you’ve ever found out you have a medical diagnosis to explain some of your weight gain and inability to lose, you know what I mean. It’s exciting to have the secret to fix your diet just for your body. Unfortunately, after a few months I hit a point where it felt useless, if you’ve ever struggled with infertility you know what I mean here, too, and I gave up my efforts and gained back some (most?) of the weight. In the end, of course, I did get pregnant and actually came out of the hospital weighing LESS than my pre-pregnancy self. (I don’t recommend this as a goal. The pregnancy was not pretty, especially the extended morning sickness part and slow growth of my Mini man.)

In the months following, I’ve given myself a 1 year pass to just survive and focus on baby. A lot of that time was spent eating out of convenience, stress, or treating myself something, ANYTHING, indulgent to do something for me.

That leaves me where I am now – up 30 pounds from my son’s birthday and more out of shape than I’ve ever been in my life. Now that Mini is 15 months old his favorite activities include running around like a nut and needing to do, have, and see everything I do, have, and see. More than anything, this has been my wake-up call. When I can’t share half of what’s on my plate because it’s junk or give him a sip of my drink because it’s soda, it’s time to change. And so it begins…

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