Our First YouTube Video

Our First YouTube Video

Yesterday I recorded and posted our first YouTube video. I’ve done a few before when I was a JamGirl, and my sister and I dabbled in YT for her business, but this was my first video of me just being me. Less than an hour after I posted it, I deleted it off the site. I took a moment to rewatch it and had decided I would record it again in the morning and do much better. While it was fine and fun and natural, I told myself it wasn’t good enough. I could tell it was rushed (There was, after all, only 5 minutes of recording time available on my phone with the 8,000 photos of my son already taking up so much space.) My hair looks a mess and my make up was fading. My double chin made an appearance multiple times (I’m working on it…). There were things maybe I should have mentioned to better inform the viewer of the awesome AlvaBaby deal. My child decided to get violent with a defuzzer brush (I swear. This isn’t clickbait.) and I laughed at his insanity multiple times. Definitely could do better, NEEDED to do better for the people watching…

This morning I woke up, watched it again (ready to delete it from my phone), and it made me laugh and smile and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. That’s when I decided I had it all backwards yesterday. My “target audience” doesn’t need to see BETTER, they need to see REAL. Mommas scrolling the internet, flipping through videos, and desperately searching for info on a knockoff cloth diaper brand don’t need perfect; They need real. Sure, maybe next time I’ll do better brushing my hair and work on my camera angle, but this is just fine. If you can’t appreciate some silliness and real motherhood, you’re on the wrong page right now, anyway.

So here it is mommas, daddies, grandparents, aunties and uncles of the internet… Our first YouTube video.

Sorry, not sorry.

2 thoughts on “Our First YouTube Video

  1. Congrats on your first YouTube video. Glad you decided to put it up. I think we need more Real instead of the staged, my life is perfect. Thanks for sharing!! PS…loved Mini and Darla in their starring roles!


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