Summer Shopping List

Summer Shopping List

The long months of cold and snow here in PA have me dreaming of warm weather, sunshine, and all the fun trips and activities we have planned for spring and summer. So when the winter blues get me down I do what any logical woman would… I shop. šŸ˜‚ Check out what’s been jumping into my cart in “perfectly planned out” preparation for the summer months. šŸ˜‰

ALLTHEHATS. Mini: I have a pale, blonde child. He won’t be leaving the house without a hat until he’s 40 if I have a say in it. Don’t worry, though. I’ve been making sure he has a stylish variety- bucket hats, baseball caps, straw hats, driver caps… Me + Matt: Our child had to get his fair skin and hair from somewhere, right? Matt has his own little collection of hats so he’s covered. I have a cute Jamberry branded baseball cap that I’ll probably use for play time and keep an eye out for a fun floppy hat for going out or relaxing in the sun. Is that still a thing when you have a toddler?

Target is my go-to for my hat frenzy. I don’t see much selection online but found plenty in store for Mini. Open to fun, floppy hat suggestions for me. šŸ˜‰

Swim Suits. Mini: Truth be told, I stocked up on these months ago when they were on clearance. I snagged a neutral rash guard top at Target the other day for sun safety but Carter’s has been my go-to otherwise! (Great. While going for that link I found more he clearly needs. Someone stop me.) Me + Matt: Lets not talk about this. We both probably need new ones because the old ones are too small… I know I do. šŸ˜£

Life Vest: Mini: This summer we are headed to the beach at least once. We have a float for him to chill in the pool but for hanging by the pool and venturing to the ocean, we just want to make sure he’s safe. Here’s the life vest we snagged.

Sand Toys: Every beach trip needs proper sand toys if you ask me.

Sprays and Lotions: We don’t mess around with outdoor protection in this household. Sunscreen: I carry a Babyganics travel size set in my diaper bag at all times with a sun stick and traditional lotion. For playing in the yard, I have a Babyganics classic sunscreen lotion and the spray version. For the beach and prolonged sun exposure, we’ll be lathering up both him and his daddy in a good water resistant lotion for sensitive skin. Personally, I use the good stuff for sensitive areas like shoulders and face but tend to use a tanning spray for the rest. šŸ˜” Bug spray: There’s a small bottle in my Babyganics travel set (along with an alcohol-free hand sanitizer fyi) but in general, we go with the heavy duty Off! with DEET. We live in the mountains of PA so any big outdoor adventures call for solid precautions. Chafe protection: Yup. I’m going there. I don’t have time for painful inner thighs while chasing a toddler. I’m a huge fan of Body Glide products. They work and they’re easy to apply.

*Note: Always follow health and safety reccomendations with these products. Sunscreen is not recommended under 6 months of age, Off with DEET is to be applied to clothes prior to wearing, sunscreen must be applied at regular intervals, etc. Know your products.*

Sunglasses: Mini: We received a few pairs at the baby shower (some toddler aviators) and I picked up a pair or two with a strap to try. He doesn’t seem fond of either type. Update to come. Me + Matt: Matt has his Oakleys since he drives for a living. I’ve got a bunch of random $20 pairs in my stash I’ll be using if I ever put my contacts back in…

Bubbles: Because why not? Cheap entertainment. Add it to the list along with balls, hula hoops, and sidewalk chalk.

Beach Chair: Mini: At BRU last week I found an adorable miniature sized Lion Guard camp chair. I’m thinking it’ll be great not only on vacation on the beach and pool deck, but also in the backyard or at the local park. Me + Matt: Uhhhh. I should probably look into this…

Stroller Fan: I’m not sure yet whether we’ll be babywearing or strollering more this summer but Matt and I saw a fan similar to this one and thought ‘Eh, why not?’

Beach Towels: Mini: Honestly, I still need to actually purchase it but my eye is on this Puppy Dog Pals towel for the little dude. Maybe I’ll go order that now… (Guys, it’s on sale! Woop woop!) Me + Matt: Ask and you shall receive. I was gifted beach towels for my birthday from both my momma and sister so I’m set. Will have to hunt down something basic for the hubby while I’m out buying those beach chairs. šŸ˜‰ Target here I come!!!!!

What have YOU been grabbing to prepare for summer time?

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