5 Baby Items We Shouldn’t Have Purchased

5 Baby Items We Shouldn’t Have Purchased

Different things work for different people. The 5 items below did NOT work for us…

Receiving blankets

I’m sure these have a purpose, I just have no idea what it is. Too small for swaddling. Too thin for warmth. The soft cotton ones became cloth diapers in our house. The other ones sat in the closet until they got packed up and put in the attic. Sorry, receiving blankets.

Boppy Pillow

I have to be honest here and admit I DID use my boppy pillow…. like 5 times. I bought this “must have” item with breastfeeding in mind. Not once did I successfully use the boppy for breastfeeding my son. (See what did work in ‘5 Items That Saved Me While Breastfeeding‘) We did use the Boppy when Mini was learning to sit up buuuut more often than not, he slid out of it right to the floor. Although I know they work for some ladies, Boppy pillow was ‘all hype, no help’ for us.

Night-time Aquarium Toy

During a time of sleepless desperation, I went on a hunt for the perfect night-time crib toy to lull my baby back to sleep. After a ridiculous amount of research, I settled on the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother: It’s got lights! It’s got music! The sea creatures slowly and hypnotically move around! Baby can turn it on by pressing a cute starfish button AND it has a remote I can use to turn it on and off from the doorway! Turns out our child thinks the lights are too bright, the music is too loud, and the moving sea creatures are best carefully inspected. He also finds it highly entertaining to use that cute little starfish to turn it on- and off- and on- and off- and on- and off… and the snazzy parent remote never even got batteries.

Tummy Time Mat

Not to be confused with our very useful play gym mat, the tummy time mat is a soft (in our case, bear shaped) mat for baby to lay on. The thing is, we have a carpet that’s also soft and an abundance of blankets that could be tossed down so….

Nursing Cover

Although I highly reccomend the Boppy infinity nursing scarf for those looking for a cover, it just didn’t work for us. I make it no secret that my son and I suck at breastfeeding. Our lack of skill leads to him needing help latching (and relatching, and relatching, and STOP BITING ME, CHILD!) so I need to be able to see what’s going on down there. I thought the little mesh window would be helpful, and it was, but it just wasn’t enough.

So tell me, mommies and daddies of the world: What are some of YOUR ‘waste of money’ baby purchases?

2 thoughts on “5 Baby Items We Shouldn’t Have Purchased

  1. What a great review! We need more of this type of information to help others from buying things they just don’t need. It also helps us grandparents know what to buy or not to buy!


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