Review: Kindermusik Free Trial

Review: Kindermusik Free Trial

I first learned about our local Kindermusik class through a post in a mom’s group on Facebook. I’ve been searching for things to keep us both entertained lately and am a music education fan so after checking out the website and contacting the teacher, I was pretty excited for our free trial class!

(I’ll note here that I’m in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Kindermusik. Everyone is welcome to a free trial class, according to their website. Also, I can only speak for the local class that I personally attended. It seems the classes and materials are streamlined through the company but, of course, different instructors and locations will shape different experiences.)

Travel Group: Me (mid20’s-F) and Mini (8 months-M)

Location: My class was located in a church preschool. Very welcoming and safe location with locked doors on a back road off a major highway. No complaints here.

Parking: Locations will obviously vary. Ours had a nice spacious parking lot. Thank goodness. Don’t ask me to parallel park.

Timing: The location closest to me has infant class in the late morning on a weekday. This is perfect for us. If it’s too early there’s no way I’m making it on time and too late runs into lunch and afternoon nap time crankiness. Late morning: perfect. The weekday timing is great for us, too. I’m a work from home mom and having something to do to get out of the house is wonderful. On the other hand, I can see how this could be a downside for mamas who work outside the home. The length of class is about 45 minutes. This worked well for us too as a happy medium between too short and too long!

Cost: Free trial is obviously free. The proper full 8 week session is $100. That includes the 8 classes as well as some take-home supplies like a book, cd, and age-appropriate instrument so you can continue the fun at home. It breaks down to approximately $13/class. If you find music education valuable, it’s worth it. We will likely try to enroll any time I know we will be available for all classes in the session, skipping times when I know we’ll be away for vacation or holidays.

Activities: All activities are simple, teacher-led fun that is made for mommy (or other adult)/baby interaction as well as some baby to baby interaction. We started with a hello song that called out each baby individually and ended with a goodbye song that did the same. We played with shakers, scarves, instruments, and other supplies. Music was provided through both a CD and the group singing (No worries. Voices blend- you don’t need to be a pro vocalist to fit in here). We did some activities standing and others sitting. We did active sections with bouncing, clapping, dancing, and lifting and also calm sections where we sat and read with our little ones, rocked them, practiced infant massage, and even paired up to create towel hammocks for the babies to test out. I felt the pace and blend of activities was fantastic for the age of our little music students.

Appropriate Ages: Kindermusik splits their sessions by age. Mini and I are in the 0-18 month group. Our class included a range from a 1 month old to a 16 month old and all seemed to enjoy and get along in harmony and happiness. Both the teacher and other mamas seemed understanding and encouraging when there was any fussing or rogue wandering in the group.

Staff: The teacher is fabulous. She’s a woman with 2 grown children of her own who clearly really enjoys these classes and cares about the children. There were many of us there for the free trial along with the regular students and with one quick check she remembered every child’s name for the hello and good bye songs and everything in between. (I’ve been going to a breastfeeding group for months and can only remember like two names so this is top level impressive in my mind. Ha.) She was energetic and sweet with that genuine mothering warmth. It’s clear she really believes in what she was sharing with us mommies and babies and did a wonderful job of educating and having fun while balancing the class and still giving moments of individual attention.

Atmosphere: Physically it was a very clean and soft atmosphere. We took off our shoes, sat in a circle on a big gym mat, neutral walls, sunshine coming in the windows… typical daycare playroom. Posters were hung on the walls with song lyrics and activity instructions. (Psst, same posters also point out all the neat benefits each activity has like musical, social, physical, etc) As cheesy as it sounds, it was an overall quiet and safe space for little ones to play and learn. No harsh lights, loud sounds, crazy ruckus (well, except when the shakers came out), or otherwise undesirable elements.

Fellow Guests: All the other mommas seem lovely. I would imagine that an infant music class brings in a particular type of person so we are all bound to get along. In general, I got a warm and welcome feeling for both Mini and myself.

Navigation: Class was in a daycare, not a labyrinth. First door on the right kind of situation here. 😉 However, I did take a wrong turn getting there. Nothing new for me. Rite-Aid was not, indeed, the place hosting Kindermusik.

Breastfeeding friendly: That’d be a big yes. I asked to stay to feed my little man after class and was warmly welcomed to take all the time I need. Turns out the teacher nursed her two sons until they were almost 3! I chose to stay after and not interrupt our class but I would imagine we also could have easily stepped to the side during class as well with no problems. I just didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

Pack: Nothing more than you would bring on any regular trip out. All class supplies are provided.

DayTay Tips: Give it a try. Come ready to participate and enjoy. Be silly, sing, and laugh. Also- wear comfortable clothes you can move in and clean socks with no holes. 😂

Overall rating: 5/5

Summary: We had a blast. Will be signing up for class and going again!

Check out the Kindermusik site and find a class near you HERE.

*Live in Easten PA and interested in learning which class we tried? Send me a quick message and I’ll let you know!

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