How To Work From Home

How To Work From Home

At the beginning of last year I left my full time retail management job to work from home. It has been the best thing for myself and my family, especially my handsome little Mini Man. I get a LOT of questions and “I wish I could work from home” comments from people, particularly ladies wanting to be their own boss, spend more time with their kids, or make some extra cash on the side. For me, leaving my retail job has opened up the ability to help my father with his business and pursue the dream of opening a wedding and event venue with my sister. I want to take a minute to share what I actually do in my work from home businesses because, good news all, both jobs have a big NOW HIRING sign on the door… your door, consequently.

#1. I get paid to share photos and do Facebook live videos. I chat with ladies online and hang out with them and their friends in their homes. I make money by having pretty nails and giving other ladies pretty nails, too! I can benefit myself and my favorite charities by running informative and entertaining fundraisers. I am part of the most amazing team of ladies spread out across the country who encourage, support, and inspire me. I am my own boss. My child can join me in this business whenever I choose.

#2. I am a Fairy Godmother. I work to make one of the most important days of people’s lives absolutely perfect. I plan, organize, and design weddings. I calm nerves and create excitement. I relieve stress by sitting and chatting and brainstorming creative solutions. Occasionally I climb through church windows and drive around on golf carts. (Kidding. Mostly.) I have the honor of leading an incredible team of local ladies and encouraging and enabling them to reach their own goals. I make my own schedule and work as much or as little as I like but still have the support of a strong brand and company name behind me. This one, btw, gives me the occasional time AWAY from my child (cause mommas know we need that too 😉).

Just in case you were wondering… this could absolutely be you, too. If you’re interested, please Please PLEASE message me. Working from home is 100% a lot of hard work but it’s work I can do in my own home, in my own office or on my own couch, snuggled up with my baby (human or furry). I want to share more details and share the opportunity with you! Be a #BossBabe with me in 2018!!!

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